• 本会成员之间必须严格遵守以下原则,不能触及传统、习俗及风气。
  • 本会成员必须尊重各所地的法律,不得涉及犯罪行为,或利用本会进行有损本会声誉之不道德行为,如有将被立即除名,以维护本会形象。
  • 凡涉及本会之任何商业行为,如交易、承办、协办之所有文化艺术活动,必须得到《世文联》理事会的同意书。
  • 各成员之间之所有争议及纠纷,不得牵涉本会,请各造私下各自妥善处理。
  • 凡通过本会渠道,各成员之间之所有交易,或经本会出面协助连接进行之商业行为,必须知会《世文联》,并有义务缴交若干所得,以充作《世文联》活动基金。



秘书处 敬启

  • Discussion of politics is strictly prohibited within FOWCAAS. Members are expected to maintain neutral towards politics and show respect to all religions and traditional cultural customs.
  • Any members involved in any criminal, unethical, or unlawful activity that may tarnish or damage the reputation and interest of FOWCAAS will be immediately dismissed.
  • All members are required to seek written consent from the Council before using the organisation’s name [Federation of World Cultural & Art Society (Singapore)] for any commercial transaction or activity.
  • All interpersonal disputes are to be resolved outside the organisation.
  • All transaction between FOWCAAS members and transaction made via FOWCAAS connection must be made known to the Council, and sponsor the proceed to fund the operation of FOWCAAS.

Note: Federation of World Cultural & Art Society (Singapore) is a non-profit organisation. Any form of monetary sponsor is welcome. All members must abide by the above guidelines.

The above guidelines shall be in force until further addendum, if any are published. The final decision remains with the Council of FOWCAAS.

Yours sincerely,